Angry Birds Go! Car Racing Games for Kidz – Best Game in The World

Angry Birds Go! Car Racing Games for Kidz – Cool Racing Game

Angry Birds Go Game is a kart racing game and the 8th game in the series of Angry Birdsvideo game. The game was jointly developed by Rovio Entertainment and Exient Entertainment and was released on 11 December 2013. The game is compatible with Hasbro Telepods, which allows the player to summon a specific kart.Angry Birds Go

The tracks of the game are on the 3D rendering Piggy Island The game also features expandable karts and unique powers for every character.
Starting from November 2014, go! was downloaded over 100 million times, and Team Multiplayer has been added.

Angry Birds Go! Christmas Update Gameplay

In Angry Birds Go !, players can decide how they want to move their kart. When the players choose “Tilt”, they have to move the unit in the direction in which they want to move the kart. When players select “Touch”, the players must either tap the left or right part of the screen to move the kart to the left or right.Angry Birds Go is a Car Racing Games for Kidz known as The Best Game in The World

To start the race, you have to pull the kart off a big slingshot, then release when the “GO” text appears. If players release it early, all other opponents will also start early, but the player’s kart will spin, slow it down. Players can collect coins during the race. Players can also use the special power of a character, depending on the bird or the pig they have chosen for the race. But instead of collecting it on the track, they recharge and are reusable in a race around three gemstones. However, the races do not have any laps, and when they are finished with the race, a power unit that is shown as a cake is lost and is slowly recovered. If the players do not run, they can use the collected coins to update their kart.Angry Birds Go! Car Racing Games for Kidz is a Best Game in The World.

This feature is essential for the progress of certain types of racing, can only be repeated if a kart or cachet capacity is high enough, which can be increased by an upgrade. Players can also change characters if they do not run, because each character has its own special power that can help the players in certain racing types, and especially if the selected racing driver is out of power.

Development of Angry Birds Go!

On 12th June 2013 the developer Rovio Entertainment published a teaser trailer website, which accelerates the red bird into the distance after a “ready, set, go” countdown. The teaser has propelled speculation from journalists and fans that the game would be either a racing game or an endless running game. Rovio decided the kart race was a good fit through supply and demand – there were calls on various forums for a mobile kart game.
Angry Birds Go! was one of the first apps released simultaneously on the four major smartphone platforms: iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and BlackBerry 10. This app supports Rovio accounts, allowing players to synchronize progress between devices on the same operating system.

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