Beetle Crazy Cup – Cool Racing Game

Beetle Crazy Cup Free Online Racing Game

Beetle Crazy Cup is a Cool Racing Game, released in North America as Beetle Buggin’, is a 2000 racing video game Programmed by Xpiral and published by Infogrames for Microsoft Windows. The game features vehicles by Volkswagen as part of a licensing deal between the automotive company and Infogrames.Beetle Crazy Cup

Gameplay of Beetle Crazy Cup

The player begins the game with a standard 1960s Volkswagen Beetle; Additional vehicles will be available after the player has won races and earned points.

This is a Cool Racing Game. The game has 20 racetracks that include environmentally friendly elements such as rain and bright sunshine, and include 17 vehicles that come in more than 50 different styles.

In addition to genuine and New Beetles, the game also programmed the Volkswagen Karmann Ghia, the Volkswagen Thing and Volkswagen buses as playable vehicles. The Beetle Crazy Cup Game includes three Gameplay modes: Quick Race, Championship and Beetle Challenge. Each mode is further divided into five race modes, known as events that vary the gameplay:

  • Buggy: A beach race, in which the player must avoid, wet sand.
  • Cross: a stadium with a gravel track of dunes and slopes.
  • Jump: a track where the player uses Nitro Booster to make a big leap.
  • Monsters: a track filled with obstacles where the vehicle of the player is converted into a monster vehicle with four large tires. The player must smash other vehicles and destroy them within a time limit while avoiding traffic cones.
  • Speed: a road race on a two-lane highway without a nitrogen booster or large obstacles.

Specific vehicle types are used for each event. The game includes a multiplayer mode for two to six players, with a local network.


Development and Release of Beetle Crazy Cup

Beetle Crazy Cup was programmed by Xpiral and published by Infogrames. Miguel Tartaj, an executive producer at Xpiral, explained that the idea for the game concept had come “from all possible driving tests.”

VW had just announced the launch of the New Beetle and we are all “classic” Beetle enthusiasts, So we decided to concentrate on the beetle and give it what it deserves: a great game dedicated only to it. Beetle Crazy Cup is a Cool Racing Game being played in all over the world.

The beetle has always been very popular and people have done incredible things with it since it was first designed. “After a few meetings, Xpiral secured a publishing agreement with infographs.

Infogrames signed a license agreement with Volkswagen to mark the vehicles of the automobile company in the game. Xpiral worked for two years at the game.

The game was developed with Ambush, an original 3D game machine created by Xpiral. The game was announced by Infogrames in December 1999. The game was released in the United Kingdom in February 2000 and in the United States on April 2, 2000.

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