Burnout Legends The First Spin-Off Game – Cool Racing Game

Burnout Legends – Cool Racing Game

The Burnout Legends Game is the first spin-off game in the popular Burnout franchise and the fifth game overall, specifically for the PlayStation Portable on September 13, 2005 in North America, September 16 in Europe, October 20, 2005 in Japan and the Nintendo DS on 29 November 2005 in North America and 9 December 2005 in Europe. Burnout Legends GameThe game offers many of the tracks and Gameplay modes from the first three burnout games, but repackaged for the handheld format. Many of the gameplay modes resemble Burnout 3: Takedown with a mix of old and new tracks.

Burnout Legends Gameplay

In the game, players will fight in a series of racing modes to unlock new tracks, cars, and events. The following list has 9 main types of modes in the game:

  • World trip: fight against other cars in different types of modes (see below). The tour is divided by car types. Get a award (gold: 1st place, silver: 2nd place, bronze: 3rd place) in a series to unlock Grand Prix. Find gold in the GP to unlock the next World Tour series. World Tour is the first way to unlock cars.
  • Race: Race against up to four cars (World Tour Standard is 4) in a 3-round race on each track.
  • Burnout Legends Is one of the Best Games in the world.

  • Eliminator: (accessible only in the World Tour) The lowest shunting device is eliminated just like a race. Race goes until a winner is left.
  • Face-Off: Race against a legend car to win it.
  • Time Attack: Race against the clock. The goal is to complete a round as quickly as possible. The player can make as many rounds as they want.
  • Burning round: World tour version of the time attack Try to complete a round through the medal time (example: finish before gold medal time 1:00:00 to earn gold medal).
  • Road Rage: Make other cars crash to earn takedowns. In the World Tour, the player has a limited time. The event will be finished when they run out of time or “totally” their car.
  • Persecution: Be the policeman and try to take one or more racers out before the time runs out or the racer is gone. All new Boss Challenge chase events. The final event is Total Pursuit. Get Gold in Total Pursuit to unlock Legend Series.
  • Crash: compete in crash events to unlock New Cars and Crash junctions (presented in World Tour and Single Player)

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