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Crash Team Racing Game is a kart racing video game Programmed by Naughty Dog and published by Sony Computer Entertainment for the PlayStation.Crash Team Racing

Crash Team Racing is the 4th installment in the Crash Bandicoot series. The story of the game focuses on the efforts of a ragtag team of characters in the Crash Bandicoot series, which race against the egomaniac nitros oxide race to save their planet from destruction. In the game, players can take control of one of fifteen Crash Bandicoot serial characters, although only eight are in the first place. During the races, offensive and speed-boosting power-ups can be used to gain an advantage.

Crash Team Racing was praised by critics for its Gameplay and graphics, although the audio was met with mixed opinions. An indirect sequel, Crash Nitro Kart, was released in 2003 for the Game Boy Advance, GameCube, PlayStation 2, Xbox and N-Gage.

Gameplay of Crash Team Racing

Crash Team Racing is a racing game in which the player controls the characters from the Crash Bandicoot universe, most of which compete in Karts. During the race, the player can accelerate, steer, reverse, brake, bounce or use weapons and power-ups with the game’s analog stick and buttons. Two different forms of crates are scattered in the tracks and arenas of Crash Team Racing.

Crates with question marks (?) On them keep power-ups and weapons, which can be obtained by passing through and breaking apart the crates. When the player collects or snaps a weapon, he will appear in a box at the top of the screen.

The player can activate the weapon or turn it on to destroy the other racers or to supplement the player’s own performance. “Fruit Crates” have “Wumpa Fruit” that increase the speed of the player’s cardboard and strengthen the player’s weapons and power-ups when ten of them are obtained.

A decisive maneuver in Crash Team Racing is the power foil; The player performs the chute by holding one of the shoulder buttons to perform a hops and steer them before the kart. While sliding, the “Turbo Boost Meter” fills at the lower right corner of the screen and goes from green to red.

At the same time, the exhaust gas from the player’s box becomes black. To get a speed boost, the player quickly pushes the opposite shoulder button, while the Turbo Boost Meter is red. The player can perform three speed boosts in a row during a power slide, with the third speed boost being stronger than the previous two.

If the player waits too long in the power foil to make a boost, the kart kickback and the chance of a speed boost is lost; Power glide too long causing a spin-out. Apart from power slides, speed increases can be obtained by collecting slope time while jumping across gaps in the track. The longer the player is in the air, the greater the speed thrust when the kart lands.

Development of Crash Team Racing

Development of Crash Team Racing started with blocked characters without crash or otherwise related personalities. Naughty Dog showed her development to Sony and showed interest in the game being Crash themed, on which Sony agreed and concerned with Universal.Crash Team Racing game

The game could have had original characters if the deal did not go through. Naughty Dog started production on Crash Team Racing after completing Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back; the game machine for Crash Team Racing was created simultaneously Crash Bandicoot: Warped was produced.

The development took place over the course of eight months on a budget of $ 2.4 million. The characters of the game were Programmed by Charles Zembillas and Joe Pearson, who designed the characters of the final three installments of the series.

Nitros Oxides was originally a crazy scientist obsessed with the speed that has accelerated the entire world until the end of time.Crash Team Racing is One of The Best Games In The World.

However, after he had exhausted man, animal, machine and various combinations for Crash Bandicoot bosses in the past, it was decided to have Nitros Oxide an out-of-character character. The original “speed up the world” plot is drawn in a promotional comic (written by Glenn Herdling and Neal Sternecky) in the Winter 2000 edition of Disney Adventures.

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