Download Pokemon Go apk latest Version – Pokemon Go app – Pokemon Go Update

Download Pokemon Go apk latest Version – PokemonGo app – PokemonGo Update – Best Game in The World

Pokemon Go is a best, free-to-play, location-based augmented reality game Which is developed by Niantic for iOS and Android devices.Pokemon Go apk latest Version

Pokemon Go Game is a free-to-play, site-based Augmented Reality developed by Niantic for iOS and Android devices. Here you Can Download Pokemon Go apk latest Version or Pokemon Go app and Get latest Pokemon Go Update. The game was the result of a collaboration between Niantic and Nintendo, via the Pokemon Company and was originally published in selected countries in July 2016. The game uses the player’s GPS ability to locally locate, capture, fight, and virtually train creatures, called Pokemon, that appear on the screen as if they were in the same real world as the player. The game features a freemium business model and supports in-app purchases for additional in-game items.
PokemonGo has been released to mixed reviews, critics criticizing the concept of the game and the incentive to be more active in the real world, while criticizing common technical problems that prevailed around the time of the original market launch. Despite such reviews, it quickly became a global phenomenon and was one of the most widely used and profitable mobile apps in 2016 after being downloaded more than 500 million times worldwide. It has been credited with the popularization of location-based and expanded reality technology, promoting physical activity and helping local businesses grow due to increased foot traffic. However, it also attracted controversy for contributing to various accidents, as well as getting a public impairment in some places. Here you Can Get latest Version or Pokemon Go app and Get latest Pokemon Go Update.Various governments also expressed concern about the safety of the game, with some countries adopting the legislation to regulate their use.

Gameplay of Pokemon Go Game

After creating a game account, the players create and create their own avatars. Once created, an avatar is displayed on a map based on the geographic location of the player. Features on the map are ‘PokéStops’ and ‘Pokémon gyms’. PokéStops offer players such as eggs, poké balls, berries and potions. These PokéStops can be equipped with items called “Lure Modules”, which attract additional wild and occasionally rare Pokémon. Gyms serve as battlegrounds for team-based king of hill games. PokéStops and gyms are usually located in interesting places. These places are re-purposed portals by Ingress, Niantic’s previous augmented reality game. This has resulted in PokéStops and Pokémon gyms being placed in dangerous or uncomfortable locations, such as a now-deleted fitness studio at the Korean DMZPokemon Go app
When the players move in their real world, their avatars move into the card of the game. Different Pokémon Go species are found in different areas of the world; for example, water-type Pokémon are usually found near water. If a player encounters a Pokémon, he can be viewed either in Augmented Reality (AR) mode or with a generically rendered generic background. AR mode uses the camera and gyroscope on the player’s mobile device to show a picture of a Pokémon as if it were in the real world. Players can take screenshots of the Pokémon they encounter, either with or without AR mode.
Unlike other rates in the Pokémon Series, players in Pokémon do not fight wild Pokémon to capture them. During an encounter with a wild Pokémon, a player can throw a Poké ball on it by hitting it from the bottom of the screen to the Pokémon. If the PokémonGo is successfully captured, it will come under the possession of the player. Factors in the success rate of capturing include the Pokémon’s capture rate, the timing and the type of Poké Ball used. After capturing a wild Pokémon, the player receives two types of in-game currencies: Sweets and Stardust. The sweets that are awarded by successful capture depend on the evolutionary chain a Pokémon belongs to. A player can use Stardust and Sweets to raise the “combat power” of a Pokémon (CP). However, only sweets are required to develop a Pokémon. Each Pokémon evolution tree has its own kind of sweets that can only be used to develop or level. The player can also bring the Pokémon back to the Pokémon Professor to earn even more sweets and make room for more Pokémon. The ultimate goal of the game is to complete the entries in the Pokédex, a comprehensive Pokémon Encyclopedia, by capturing and refining to get the original Pokémon.

Know More About Gameplay of Pokemon Go app

Although the game is free to play, it supports in-app purchases where players can buy additional Poké balls and other in-game items. These items include incense (which will attract Pokémon while you move for thirty minutes), lure modules to lure Pokémon to a solid place, and happy eggs that have gained double experience for a thirty minute period. All Pokemon Go Game are displayed with a combat power. The fighting power of a Pokémon is a rough measure of how powerful the Pokémon is in combat. In general, as a player level up, they catch Pokémon with higher CP.
Players earn experience points for various in-game activities. The players get on the ground as they earn experience points (XP), whereby various functions are released step by step. Especially at level five, the player can fight in a Pokémon gym and join one of three color-coded teams (red for Team Valor, blue for Team Mystic or yellow for Team Instinct) who fight as factions to control gyms in the Pokemon go world.
In September 2016, Niantic introduced a “Buddy Pokémon” feature that allows players to choose a Pokémon to appear next to them on the Profildisplay and receive bonuses and bonuses based on the selected Pokémon. The feature was released later this month. During this same update, Niantic updated Pokemon Going to prevent players with rooted or jailbroken devices from logging into the game in an attempt to reduce and prevent fraud.Pokemon Go Game
In June 2017, Niantic announced that the gyms’ game mechanics would be reworked for a team-oriented experience. Gyms were disabled on June 19th, 2017, with the new gyms being released with the Latest app update a few days later. From the update, Gyms included a spinnable component to get in-game items such as Potions and Pokeballs. In addition, the gyms have six Pokémon, each one must be unique in this gym. Coins are now earned on the basis of the time when the defending Pokémon was in a gym, as opposed to a one-per-day golfer’s defender bonus of 10 coins per currently defending Pokémon. In July 2017 raid battles were launched. Bitch battles consist of a group of players gathering to confront an exaggerated Pokémon in a gym. When the Pokémon is defeated, the players gain the chance to capture a regular version of it. Raid troubles range from 1 to 5, and level 5 raids include legendary Pokémon, which can not be Captured elsewhere.

Development of Pokemon Go Game

The concept for the game was designed in 2014 by Satoru Iwata of Nintendo and Tsunekazu Ishihara from the Pokémon Company as April Fools’ Day collaboration with Google, the so-called Google Maps: Pokémon Challenge. Ishihara was a fan of developer Niantas’s previous transreality game, Ingress, and saw the game concept as a perfect game for the Pokémon series. Niantic used Crowdourced data from Ingress to populate the places for PokéStops and gyms in PokemonGo, and data from Google Maps to produce specific Pokémon on specific terrain or environment. In 2015, Ishihara dedicated his speech to the announcement of the match on 10 September to Iwata, who had died two months earlier. The soundtrack of the game was written by the longtime Pokémon composer Junichi Masuda, who also helped with the design of the game. Among the graphic designers of the game was Dennis Hwang, who previously created the Gmail logo at work for Google.
On March 4, 2016, Niantic announced a Japan-exclusive beta test that would begin later this month, helping players to refine the game before the full release. The beta test was later extended to other countries. On April 7 it was announced that the beta would expand to Australia and New Zealand. Then, on May 16, the applications for the field test for the United States were opened. The test came to an end on June 30th.
At Comic-Con 2016, John Hanke, Developer of Niantic, revealed the appearances of the three team leaders: Candela Team Valor, Blanche Team Mystic and Spark Team Instinct. Hanke explained that about 10% of the ideas were implemented for the game. Future updates, including the addition of trade, more

More Detail About Development of Pokemon Go Game

Pokémon, implementation of the Pokémon centers at PokéStops, a patch for the “three-step glitch” and a lighter training were also confirmed. He also noted that Niantic would continue the support for the game for “years to come”. In an interview with TechCrunch in September 2016, Hanke hinted that players would be released against players Pokémon bouts in a future update. In December 2016 coffee house chains Starbucks and telecommunications company Sprint co-operated with Nintendo to add PokéStops and gyms to certain locations in the United States. In the same month, a Companion app was released for Apple Watch devices, which allows users to receive notifications about the nearby Pokémon, but do not let them catch. In January 2017, an additional 5,000 additional Starbucks sites were provided as gyms. In February 2017, an update was released that introduced over 100 species from the second generation of the core Pokémon series, added to the original 151, in the Johto region. The update also included the addition of new berries, new Pokémon meeting mechanics, and an expanded selection of avatar clothing options.

Pokemon Go Plus Game

The Pokemon Go Plus is a Bluetooth low-power wearer developed by the Nintendo Platform Technology Development Division, which allows players to perform certain actions in the game without looking at their intelligent device. If a player is close to a Pokemon or PokeStop, the Plus vibrates. The player can then press the button to capture the Pokemon or receive items from the PokeStop. The player can not check what they have received until the next time they log into the app on their mobile device. The design consists of a Poke Ball and the shape of the Google Maps Pin. The decision to create the device rather than a Smart Watch app was to increase the recording between the players, for which a smart watch is prohibitively expensive. It was published in the United Kingdom and North America on September 16, 2016.

Reception of Pokemon Go apk

Pokémon Go to mixed reviews, according to rating aggregator Metacritic. After the release the critics called the experience pleasant, but noted the technical problems of the game.
Critics praised various aspects of Pokemon Go. Oscar Dayus said the game was a tremendously enjoyable experience and continued as “the very personal nature of catching Pokémon in your own neighborhood made me smile more than any game for years”. Jeremy Parish compared the game and its social aspects to a massive multiplayer online game. The reviewers also praised the game, which allows the promotion of physical exercise. Terri Schwartz said it was “secretly the best exercise app out there” and that it has changed their daily walking routine. Patrick Allen wrote an article with tips on how to work with Pokémon Go. Julia Belluz said it could be the “biggest unintentional health fashion phenomenon ever” and wrote that one of the results of the game that the developers might not have realized is that “it seems people move”. Users took an extra 194 steps per day once they had started with the app, which rose to 26% more than usual.
Philip Kollar and Allegra Frank agreed that Pokemon Go was “an exciting social experience,” but was not sure how long the game and its popularity would last, which means that it could either last for the coming years or “on End as a brush fire crazy that the whole game world speaks for a few weeks and is then forgotten “.Pokemon Go Update
Other critics expressed more negative opinions of the game, with many quoted frequent crashes and other technical issues, along with flat gameplay. Kallie Plagge (IGN) said that although the game was lacking in Polish and depth, the overall experience for them. criticized the game for his frequent crashes. Mike Cosimano also took issue with the game, said the original idea showed promise, but was not running properly. Kat Brewster wrote that although she thought Pokemon Go was not a good game, it was “a great experience”. The server problems also received a negative press. Miguel Concepcion said that although he enjoyed the game’s strong social attractiveness and visual design, the “first iteration of the game is a buggy mess at all levels,” with one of the reasons that are the constant server problems. Another disorder, which appeared a few days after the start, was the “three-level glitch”, the reviewers also gave this bug-negative press. Patricia Hernandez said, “The three-level glitch adds what a terrible start for Pokémon was.” Paul Tassi said that because of this bugs, it is “everyone guess best where Pokémon are 99% of the time” and that it makes ” almost all traditional methods of persecution meaningless “. Critics also stressed the large gap between rural and urban actors. Rural players seem to be a big disadvantage in a game, while city players have access to more PokeStops and gyms. However, the developers have found a solution to solve the problems that rural players see daily.

Third-party apps and websites

Several unofficial third-party apps have been created to match Pokemon Go. Remarkable apps are “Poké Radar” and “Helper for Pokemon Go“, where players can push much of the Pokémon that can be found in the game at any given time. At its peak of popularity, “Poké Radar” hit # 2 on the Apple App Store, behind Pokemon Go yourself.
Another app, GoChat, which allows players to leave messages in other places for other players, has hit more than one million downloads in five days and reached the top 10 in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. However, the developer of the developers of Jonathan Zarra decided to leave the app unmonetized and had financial difficulties keeping the app server online to bring the angel investor and board member Michael Robertson. After acquiring significant funding, the app reached over 2 million active users. According to RiskIQ, at least 215 counterfeit versions of the game were available until 17 July 2016. Some of these fake apps contained malicious programming and viruses.
Launched on July 22, 2016, “Pokévision” enabled players to find exactly where Pokémon was created and how much time was left until they missed; the page uses data hacked directly from the game. In the five days following the launch of the website, 27 million visitors took advantage of the site. You can Get information about Pokemon Go Update.On July 31, several search apps and sites, including Pokévision, were disabled because they violated Niantic’s terms of use.

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