Hot Wheels Turbo Racing – Hot Wheel Cars – Best Racing Games

Hot Wheels Turbo Racing- Hot Wheel Cars – Best Games in The World

Hot Wheels Turbo Racing is a racing video game released for the Nintendo 64 and PlayStation in 1999. It has 40 cars based on the Hot Wheels series of toys. It also features Kyle Pettys 1999 NASCAR campers as it was sponsored by Hot Wheels. The game features composition from artists like Primus, Metallica, The Reverend Horton Heat and Mix Master Mike.Hot Wheels Turbo Racing

Gameplay of Hot Wheels Turbo Racing

The Focus of the game is a selection of vehicles through various thematic racetracks. Secret tracks can be unlocked by winning races and new cars can be used by hiding ‘mystery car’ bonuses in each track. Six vehicles participate in each race.Hot Wheels Turbo Racing game in one of the Best Games in the world. The game has a total of 40 playable vehicles. Stunts can be run by adding the directional pad or analog stick in certain directions while in the air to add the turbo meter for increased speed.

As seen in the signposts, with the controller to gain different stunts from jump points, wins ‘turbos’ that allow short speed steps. The car in use will damage on the basis of rings in obstacles or other cars. Power-up icons, which are found around the route, give various performance improvements.



Hot Wheels Turbo Racing game received above-average ratings on both platforms after Video Game Review Aggregator Game Rankings.
Scott McCall from AllGame called the Nintendo 64 version “something funny and original to play,” but criticized his “average” sound effects and “very limited and recurring” songs, which he felt of poor quality. McCall called the game “a little disappointing in the graphics department,” writing it “seems like a CD-ROM game that was ported to the cartridge format quickly and cheaply. It is noticeable because of the limited, muted sound that shining graphics, and the absence of a four-player mode Joe Ottoson of AllGame wrote a positive review of the PlayStation version and praised his soundtrack, although he noted that the sound effects are “not quite as high a budget, but the screeching tires and colliding Cars offer a compelling addition to the action. Hot Wheels Turbo RacingHot Wheel Cars is the Best Racing Games.”Ottoson wrote that the vehicles of the game” resemble their players of the game and the game speeds without any slowdown, “and at the same time that his racetracks” seem to stick with the toy stunt track’s origin by using one Set of vibrant colors on the backgrounds. They often reminded me of something that had escaped from a Tim Burton film with the immense use of stripes and cheerful colors.


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