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The NASCAR Racing Today series of video games developed by Papyrus began in 1994 and ended with the release of the NASCAR Racing 2003 season 2003. Later, NASCAR games were released by Electronic Arts, who took the official NASCAR license through their EA Sportsbrand. This article deals with the original series, NASCAR Racing.NASCAR Racing Today

NASCAR Racing was released in autumn 1994 for DOS personal computers. It showed more than 25 of the 40 regular drivers in the 1994 NASCAR Winston Cup season. Remarkable absences were Dale Earnhardt (who would win the Winston Cup this year), Bill Elliott, Dale Jarrett, Kyle Petty and Darrell Waltrip, although the brother of Michael, Michael, was recorded.

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The game allowed the player to drive up to 38 more cars (32 on shorter tracks like Bristol and Martinsville), and it also offered multiplayer action via direct links (one computer connected to another via a LAN) and an online system owned by Papyrus called Hawaii.NASCAR Racing Game 2, 3, 4 are Best Racing Games and known as Best Games in the world.

The CD-ROM version of the game also offered an SVGA graphics mode accessible through the input prompt (by entering “nascar -h”), but it was too challenging for many of his age computers, mostly 486 and early Pentium PCs Hardware accelerated versions were later created and bundled with the Matrox Millennium and Diamond Edge 3D.

Papyrus produced a Daytona track only for use exclusively in a fan simulation game at the Daytona USA Museum.


NASCAR Racing Game was a Biggest Commercial success and had sold Out 400,000 copies by February 1996. In the US, NASCARRacingGames (bundled with the Track Pack Add-On) sold the 24th most sold computer game of 1998 with a further 225,737 units. Revenue for this year was estimated at $ 2.28 million

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