Quarantine Game (1994 video game) – Best Racing Games

Quarantine Video Game (1994) – Best Games in The World

Quarantine Game is a Best Racing Game / first-person shooter computer game for MS-DOSand 3DO, created by Imagexcel and released by GameTek. Versions for the Japanese market were made in 1996 by Asmik for the PlayStation and Media Quest for the Sega Saturn, renamed Hard Rock Cab and Death Throttle.

In the game the player drives a taxi through a post-apocalyptic city, fetch customers and kill enemies. Because of the free violence the game was controversial at the time of the release.Best Games in The World

Gameplay of Quarantine Game

Quarantine needed a fairly powerful system when it was released. One of the original ads in magazines for the game used the slogan If you have the Aries, we have the pedestrians.Quarantine Game Programmed in 1994.It Counts in Best Racing Games.

Quarantine, long before Grand Theft Auto III and other similar games, employed the drive-by-shooting tactics of using the Uzi to shoot out the side windows.

Reception Quarantine Game

When reviewing the 3DO version, the four reviewers were shared by Electronic Gaming Monthly. They agreed that the driving controls were subpar, but while three of them thought Quarantine would appeal to a niche audience (one might predict that it might be a cult hit) with its soundtrack and strange, tongue-in-cheek humor , the fourth simply stated it “To be warped for me, they gave him an average of 5.75 from 10.Game Pro’s reviewer also predicted the game was” tied to win cult status and gave him a rave review, praising the Usefulness of the four camera views, the high level of uncensored violence, the introducing FMV, the “macabre” background and the wide range of rock music tracks. Quarantine Video GameThey found that the driving controls are difficult, but that “Doom lovers who are looking to get more gore to dig this grim, futuristic escape saga.” Quarantine Game is one of the Best Games in The World. A reviewer for Next Generation commented that during the open world, open Structure is fascinating, both it and the control of the vehicle has a steep learning curve, which requires the player to spend a lot of time learning the game before he actually plays it, and concluded that “the game is in balance once you get the hang of things and it’s cool “and gave it three out of five stars

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